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Christmas cross stitch

Besides some amazing pink and yellow [yes yellow, not gold!] balls [globes? orbs?], I needed some more ornaments for our tree.

Oh yes, and I know I said I wasn’t interested in those plain ball ornaments, but I found these amazing vintage sets at the bins @ 12 for 99 cents…and the colors are so great-even if it’s hard to tell in the above iPhone picture. My mom suggested I keep an eye out for more of them to make a wreath, especially looking for ones with slightly different shapes. The lady’s full of good ideas.

So here are some of the cross stitch ornaments I’ve made:

Noel Cross stitch

Santa cross stitch

Seasons Greetings cross stitch

xoxo, emma

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Etsy Finds: Christmas ornaments

Yes, I know that it isn’t quite Thanksgiving yet, but I have to admit I started decorating for Christmas on Monday. We plan on going to a U-Pick place for our Christmas tree, since the BF didn’t even know people chopped down their own trees until this year! (He blames his So-Cal upbringing for this). I’ve been busy crafting some ornaments for our tree, right now I’m at a grand total of FOUR so I either need to get crafting or we will have to get a tiny 1-foot tall tree to make up for my lack of ornaments! I don’t particularly like the plain glass ball ornaments (unless they are vintage mercury glass ones in muted tones) so I’m going to resist getting a big pack of those from a big-box store and aim for a mostly handmade tree (bonus: less $$$ spent on decorations = more $$$ for gifts).

Meanwhile, I’ve been checking out Etsy for some inspiration:

Vintage angel Christmas ornamentI’m definitely drawn to kitschy plastic Christmas decor, and I love how this little gal appears so grumpy.

glitter santa ornamentI love this glittery disco Santa.

wrapped present ornamentI need to look around my house for some match boxes, because these little mini wrapped gifts would be so easy to make.

tuba boy ornamentThis tuba boy is super cute.

Well, it’s back to Christmas crafting for me!


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