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Origami Bow

Origami bow

I saw this super cute kawaii origami bow on a blog called Zakka Life and decided to make it. The pattern is from Tweety Atelier and written in Korean. Luckily origami diagrams are only slightly harder to understand than Ikea instructions, so it was doable.

origami bow instructions 1

Number 4 was the hardest step for me.

origami bow instructions 2

Steps 7-8 are sort of misleading from the pictures. 7 is instructing you to open up the paper, so the image in 8 is 4 times larger than the image in 7.

origami bow instructions 3

Step 9 is instructing you to cut along the 4 lines. I still always feel like cutting origami seems a little blasphemous for some reason! (Perhaps it is just because I’m such a beginner at origami, and when you cut it you can’t open it back up and start over when you mess up!)

origami bow instructions 4

Steps 13 and 15 involve cutting again.

That’s it! Mine sort of looks like a clown’s tie because of the paper I used. I just want to put these cute bows on everything! I used this first one to girlify the fiance’s computer. 🙂

origami bow on computer

I love the way Tweety Atelier made a garland out of the bows. And that red gingham paper?? I have origami paper envy now!

origami bow garland


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Japanese Cigarette Box Origami

Another craft that is at my grandparent’s house are these little pieces made by my Mom’s Mom (who passed away before I was born). I don’t know exactly what to call them, and a quick google search didn’t give me anymore information about them. Basically, they are intricate little umbrellas made out of (Origami’d out of??) cigarette boxes.

Cigarette box umbrella origami

Apparently you save up your cigarette packs, and then make these with a kit that includes the toothpick-like sticks and stickers for the top and bottom.

cigarette box umbrella underside

It is amazing the number of designs you can make from the same cigarette boxes.  My mom thinks these green ones are all made from Salems.

cigarette box umbrella origami salem

Look this one is even a butterfly! So cool. Now I just need to find an older Japanese woman to teach me how to do this…

cigarette box umbrella origami butterfly


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How to Make: Origami Stars

Origami stars are one of the easiest and most fun crafts to make.  Plus they are SUPER KAWAII!  You can buy paper made specifically for this purpose in Japanese stores, but it’s just as easy to make your own (and then you have a bazillion more options for patterns and colors!)

Origami Star SuppliesCut the paper of your choice into strips.  I take 12×12 scrapbook paper and cut it into 1/2 x 11 inch strips using a rotary cutter.  Any paper will work, just as long as it isn’t too thick like cardstock.  Also, you can cut thicker or thinner strips for different sized stars.

origami star knotMake a knot close to one end of your paper.  Pull it tight without overlapping any of the sides, to create a 5 equal sided pentagon.  Fold over/tuck in the short end.

origami star foldBegin folding the remaining strip over and over your pentagon.  The angles will automatically line up along each side of the pentagon.  Fold as crisply as possible.

Flat origami starWhen you have an end that’s too short to fold anymore, tuck it into the previous fold. Now you have a flat pentagon.

Puffing up the origami starHold onto two edges and press the opposite edge in with you fingernail.  Repeat with the remaining sides.  This will puff up your little paper pentagon into a star!

origami starAnd that’s it! Use these cute little stars for whatever you want.  You can write little wishes/compliments on the inside and fill a jar with them as a gift.  I have two long strands of them in my craftroom that are bright and cheery.

Like anything I make, my cat thinks the stars are a toy for her.  Here is a video of her attacking the stars, which no matter how often I clean up, I seem to find in every room of my house.

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