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Kitten in the craft box

So, I’m trying to work on this latch hook rug kit, but a certain cat has other plans for the box the craft kit came in.

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Perfect night

I seriously must be an old woman in a 23 year olds body. I’m happy right now simply because I have 1. A blanket on my lap 2. A cat on my lap 3. Some stitching going on.

It’s also nice to start on something NOT Christmas related. [side note- I thought needlepoint was basically cross stitch with yarn, but there’s a bigger difference than I thought…so that will be fun to work on something new as well.]

Aaaand it just got doubly-awesome with the addition of cat #2 and a glass of wine from Morgan. 🙂 (“I can’t get up, theres a cat on my lap!” really works well in our house.)

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Knitty Kitty

Gratuitous cat pictures that I just found, from about a year ago in San Francisco:

[also, looking at photos of our cozy old room last winter is the first time I’ve officially missed living in The City, which is weird seeing as how that was 8 months ago… 😦 ]

Knitty KittyKnitty Kitty


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Thrift Store Afghans

I headed out to Value Village for my first time today.  Little did I know, on Monday everything with a yellow tag is only 99 cents!  I picked up two of the most beautiful hand crocheted afghans. If anyone has tips on how to wash them I would appreciate it.  Probably will just throw them in the washer on a cold cycle since they’re made of acrylic yarn.

Rainbow afghan

It makes me a little sad knowing that someone worked so hard on these beauties and now they are selling for only 99 cents!  But I take solace in the knowledge that I will love them and get lots of use out of them… I’m one of those people that always has a blanket on my lap when I’m at home, and even at friends houses sometimes!  My friend Rosie jokes that i use her throw blankets more than she does.

Stella on purple afghan

Of course Knitty Kitty had to check it out right away to see if she approved.

Kody on purple afghan

Not so fast!  Introducing Knitty Kitty/Stella’s new younger sister, Kodiak.  We adopted her a little over a month ago, and after a couple terrible weeks of sickness she is fitting in wonderfully at our house.  She already claimed the purple blanket as her own.


I just love the iPhone Hipstamatic app!  Did you see how in the newest (August 2010) issue of Martha Stewart Living they used Hipstamatic for their article on old-fashioned bikes?  Love!

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How does your garden grow?

The Portland sun and rain is doing wonders for our garden and I couldn’t be more excited.  I can’t wait to harvest and cook with our homegrown fruits and veggies.  (Picked an almost-done green onion today and tried to eat it raw….I don’t recommend it).

Squash Blossoms: these were taken a few days ago and already there are a handful more blooms.

Squash Blossoms

These peas were among many volunteers in my friend’s garden that I dug up and brought home. I thought they were sweet peas, but don’t those have white flowers? hmm..

pea blossoms

And of course, where would I be without my handy helper, Knitty Kitty?  She diligently hunts the various bugs and eats them.  It is part of her reparations for eating all of my leek starts earlier in the season!  (In her defense, they did look an awful lot like her cat grass that she is ALLOWED to eat…)

stella in the garden

I can hardly believe that my garden is blooming, when it all used to look like this:

indoor sprouts

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