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Yarn “Fit”

I interrupt your regularly scheduled craft inspiration programming to present you with this silly little yarn thing, called a “Fit”:

yarn fit

The attached tag [cut out with pinking shears, natch] reads as follows:

I am a Fit

I am here to help you through all of your

temper tantrums and moments of anger.

When you feel your blood pressure rising

and your temper at a breaking point, don’t

throw something that might break. Just

Pick me up and “THROW A FIT”

So….yeah….expect one of these for your Christmas present next year, everyone. 😉

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Japanese Cigarette Box Origami

Another craft that is at my grandparent’s house are these little pieces made by my Mom’s Mom (who passed away before I was born). I don’t know exactly what to call them, and a quick google search didn’t give me anymore information about them. Basically, they are intricate little umbrellas made out of (Origami’d out of??) cigarette boxes.

Cigarette box umbrella origami

Apparently you save up your cigarette packs, and then make these with a kit that includes the toothpick-like sticks and stickers for the top and bottom.

cigarette box umbrella underside

It is amazing the number of designs you can make from the same cigarette boxes.  My mom thinks these green ones are all made from Salems.

cigarette box umbrella origami salem

Look this one is even a butterfly! So cool. Now I just need to find an older Japanese woman to teach me how to do this…

cigarette box umbrella origami butterfly


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Infinity Scarf

Last night I finally finished the scarf I started nine months ago, then set aside [and totally forgot about] to make 2010 the year of embroidery. I turned it into a Möbius strip.

mobius strip

Basically it’s just an infinity scarf. Well, because of the Möbius strip shape  it LITERALLY is an infinity scarf. 😉 When I was explaining Möbius strips to Morgan last night I said “Imagine you’re a little skateboarder and you skateboard along the scarf…FOREVER!” Haha.

I love it. It is sooo warm because it is super think [thick yarn+K2P2 ribbing]. It wraps twice (probably could more if you really wanted) because it was about 6.5 feet tall before I attached the ends together.

mobius strip knit infinity scarf

However, no matter how much I love this song and video below, I doubt I’ll be wearing mine as a hood/scarf [apparently sometimes called a “snood” haha].


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In the queue

Right now I am working on/want to start these things:

  • Need to FINALLY [it’s over a year a nine month old project] finish knitting my striped scarf/cowl… [there was a brief moment this weekend when I thought I had forgotten how to knit and replaced that area of my brain with crocheting…luckily I was able to knit yesterday…phew!] This is top of the list right now because it is so cold and our heater is broken! Last night I had to sleep with my head under the covers just to keep warm enough.
  • Picked up a latch hook…have a couple of latch hook rug kits sitting on a shelf in my craft room, yet they didn’t come with the tool needed. Can’t wait to try another new kind of craft! Not sure if the finished rugs will become wall hangings [too tacky even for me], seat covers [already have those…] or what… but it doesn’t really matter–wherever I put them, they will just become cat beds I’m sure!
  • Ongoing granny square afghan project…can’t tell you how many people come over and ask “what are those orange things for?” or “are you selling coasters now?” Haha.
  • Still need one more crocheted seat cover for the kitchen. [You know, that end-of-the-project-hump].
  • Would like to cross stitch a silly little butterfly piece I have [with required friendship quote of course] to send off to a friend [who I miss very much] in the mail.

And I’m sure there are more. Now you see why I want to sit on my couch all day? There’s much work to be done there!

granny square kitten


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Paper Bunting

I wanted to make some bunting to replace the Tibetan prayer flags that flanked our living room window. I loved how colorful the flags were, but frankly I felt they belonged more in the house of a 19 year old stoner boy. So I made bunting out of 6 various scrapbook papers. I just drew a template (basically a triangle with a tab at the top to be folded over) and traced it onto the paper and cut them out, then taped them onto some white yarn left over from my Valentines Day yarn wreath.

paper bunting

It was impossible to get a good photo since it is so dreary outside in Portland recently, and also my living room doesn’t have much in the way of lights to begin with. That aside, I love the way they turned out and want to make paper bunting for everywhere in my house now!

xoxo, emma

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Valentines Day Wreath

I wanted to spruce up our house a little for Valentine’s Day, so I decided to make a yarn wreath with felt flowers.  I wish I could hang it on the outside of our front door but doubt yarn could survive the elements, so I put it on the inside of the door instead.

valentines day yarn wreath
I just wrapped a straw wreath with white yarn. Make sure to leave the plastic covering on the straw wreath so the yarn goes on more smoothly. And be prepared…it takes a LONG time to wrap the yarn over and over. I spread it out over a couple days.  Then I used 3 colors of felt (pink, magenta and red) to make the flowers–I cut wavy spirals then curled them up and hot glued them shut. I was going to hot glue them onto the wreath, but decided to just stick them in with sewing pins in case I want to change out the decorations for another holiday–because I do NOT see myself wrapping yarn around another wreath frame anytime soon! Then I just hung the wreath on some cute ribbon. Total cost was under $3 since I already had the white yarn.

xoxo, emma

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Crochet chair covers

I told you I was a granny square making machine, but I knew I needed to complete a shorter project in between the pieces of my large blanket WIP so I didn’t get bored. [Sometimes, too much time spent on a craft+nothing to show for it= losing interest]. So I decided to make some big granny squares as chair covers for our plain old boring IKEA kitchen chairs.

granny square chair cover

Simple enough! I have yet to weave in all the ends, and create little ties to actually attach the covers onto the chairs, but you can see what I’m getting at! And surprisingly, for just being one little layer of acrylic yarn, these actually do make the chairs much more comfy!

xoxo, emma

Oh yeah, I chose the colors to match my new little Goodwill table cloth, which I got simply because I loved the fabric, thinking I’d sew it into something else. When I realized it was the exact right size for our table, well… 😀


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