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Bird Feeder, Finished!

Remember the bird feeder I started making with just found materials?  I finally was able to finish it this morning.

Pinecone covered in peanut butterI used some cheap-o peanut butter (that’s important, because you’ll use almost the whole jar) and spread it on the pine cones with a knife, filling all the holes.  Try to get the top and bottom.  It can get messy, so hold on to the pinecone at the top, where it is connected to the braided yarn.

peanut butterThen pour your bird seed into a bowl, and roll the sticky-peanut buttery-pinecone in the seed.  I just got a cheap, “no sprout” mix from my local gardening store, but you can choose multiple kinds of seeds tailored to attracting certain birds.

Then hang your completed bird feeder from a tree and enjoy!

Finished bird feeder

If you missed Part 1 of this tutorial, check it out here.

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Apron Hanger

Apron HangerThis sweet little guy is one of my favorite belongings.  When my 12 year old sister was visiting, we went to SCRAP (my favorite store in the entire world) together, and I found this plain little wooden hanger there in a bin of scrap wood for 25 cents.  I asked my sis to paint it for me and I just love the way it came out.  I love that the whole project only cost 25 cents since I already had various paints and brushes, and I love how it’s personalized by my sister (and she chose great colors!).   Now it holds my aprons in the kitchen.  Cheap, personalized, and useful: what’s not to love?!

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Hungry Tiger Too-Cheap Date

Hungry Tiger TooI wrote a post about a local Portland bar where you can take your fly honey to for a cheap date over at the Portland Monthly (where I’m currently interning) Bar Pilot blog.

Check it out!

Hungry Tiger Too
207 SE 12th Ave
(503) 238-4321

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