Planning a needlepoint gallery wall

I finally got around to thrifting a bunch of random wood frames to hang up some of my needlepoints, gallery wall style. I figure I spent the time making them, why not display them somewhere I can see them each day? I have no experience with gallery wall layouts whatsoever, but I found some great tips whether you want to go the traditional route and hang on a grid or not, a la Kate Spade.  Hope to get these pictured below (and more) on the wall above my kitchen table sometime this week. Just have to trim and secure them all in the frames, and make a decision whether to paint all the frames white or leave them eclectic. (I originally planned to paint them white, even bought the paint, but realized I can’t paint the smaller ones and red ones in the bottom right. What to do!?)


Here’s the most recent needlepoint I’m working on, marigolds in front of a stained glass window. This is probably the most expensive kit I’ve bought–it cost $1.50. 😉


And yes, those are my sweatpants in the background. No shame.

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