Meal plan for June 26

I thought I’d start sharing some meal plans here. My style of cooking is using as many fresh (not processed) ingredients as possible. And everything in season! It just makes it cheaper as well as more delicious. I also make my “weekly” meal plans for 5 days–any longer than that and I find some of the ingredients go bad as we’ll inevitably eat out one night or just eat leftovers. I also don’t usually follow recipes exactly. Without further ado:

  • Baked Ziti (husband’s request as we’ve been watching The Sopranos)
  • Fish sandwiches with radish remoulade (catfish or Tilapia, whatever they have at the store)
  • Fava, mint and ricotta crostini (with a simple side salad)
  • Grilled pepper and turkey sausage pizza 
  • Barbecued steak with herb sauce and buttered radishes

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