120 Granny Squares

So this is what 120 granny squares (8 skeins of yarn) looks like:

120 granny squares

I’ve reworked the dimensions, and now I think I need just 30 more-2 more colors-before I start joining them together. This afghan is so close I can feel it.


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4 responses to “120 Granny Squares

  1. Do you require assistance? I don’t have a whole ton of time but I’m pretty sure I can knock out a few granny squares on the train… ??

    • I’ll be done with the squares by tomorrow probably…the next step is what scares me- creating a “random” pattern from the different colors. I know no matter how hard I try to make it random it will come out in a pattern! gah.

      • samantha

        i agree. when i make a “random” pattern, i just make a pattern and switch it around. if you had 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 as a pattern you could change the first and second one every other time and third and fourth another time and end up with: 1234213421432413421342314321

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