Grape Crocheted Bottlecap Trivet

At an antique store in Texas I saw a cool antique trivet that looked like a bunch of grapes. It was crocheted onto metal bottlecaps, and looked like this one on Etsy:

Crochet bottlecap trivet grapesIt looks pretty easy, and a perfect beginner project for crocheting with thread instead of yarn, one of my craft goals that I want to achieve this year. And I will have no problem collecting bottlecaps seeing as how the fiance loves to homebrew.

Here are some instructions from a 1955 magazine. This is definitely going into the craft to-do queue. Wish me luck!

1955 grape crochet bottlecap trivet instructions


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2 responses to “Grape Crocheted Bottlecap Trivet

  1. Ann

    I was wondering if you made the grape bottlecap trivet yet? Thank you for sharing the link for this project I think I will give it a try!
    P.S. I know I’m alittle late but I wish you good luck anyways!

  2. Have you tried the Workbasket pattern? I tried but the directions for the leaves are confusing. Did you have any problems with them? And if not can you offer any suggestions?

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