Japanese Cigarette Box Origami

Another craft that is at my grandparent’s house are these little pieces made by my Mom’s Mom (who passed away before I was born). I don’t know exactly what to call them, and a quick google search didn’t give me anymore information about them. Basically, they are intricate little umbrellas made out of (Origami’d out of??) cigarette boxes.

Cigarette box umbrella origami

Apparently you save up your cigarette packs, and then make these with a kit that includes the toothpick-like sticks and stickers for the top and bottom.

cigarette box umbrella underside

It is amazing the number of designs you can make from the same cigarette boxes.  My mom thinks these green ones are all made from Salems.

cigarette box umbrella origami salem

Look this one is even a butterfly! So cool. Now I just need to find an older Japanese woman to teach me how to do this…

cigarette box umbrella origami butterfly



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5 responses to “Japanese Cigarette Box Origami

  1. WOW!! My grandmother made them as well. I’m trying to find out instructions to make them myself.

  2. larissa ostlund

    These are beautiful. My great grandmother was Japanese and also made these. Have you found out how to make them? If so, I would love to know how. These parasols hold dear memories for me. Please contact me at:
    jellyraffe@gmail.com if so. Thank you. Larissa

  3. How do you make them, is there a kit.

  4. Lynn

    I have one that was made for me 30 years ago. Do you have instructions to make this or know where I can find them. I would love to do one myself?

  5. Divinizarte

    Hi!, They are beautiful! Do you have the instructions on how to make them?

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