In the queue

Right now I am working on/want to start these things:

  • Need to FINALLY [it’s over a year a nine month old project] finish knitting my striped scarf/cowl… [there was a brief moment this weekend when I thought I had forgotten how to knit and replaced that area of my brain with crocheting…luckily I was able to knit yesterday…phew!] This is top of the list right now because it is so cold and our heater is broken! Last night I had to sleep with my head under the covers just to keep warm enough.
  • Picked up a latch hook…have a couple of latch hook rug kits sitting on a shelf in my craft room, yet they didn’t come with the tool needed. Can’t wait to try another new kind of craft! Not sure if the finished rugs will become wall hangings [too tacky even for me], seat covers [already have those…] or what… but it doesn’t really matter–wherever I put them, they will just become cat beds I’m sure!
  • Ongoing granny square afghan project…can’t tell you how many people come over and ask “what are those orange things for?” or “are you selling coasters now?” Haha.
  • Still need one more crocheted seat cover for the kitchen. [You know, that end-of-the-project-hump].
  • Would like to cross stitch a silly little butterfly piece I have [with required friendship quote of course] to send off to a friend [who I miss very much] in the mail.

And I’m sure there are more. Now you see why I want to sit on my couch all day? There’s much work to be done there!

granny square kitten


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3 responses to “In the queue

  1. Aw Emma 🙂 You’re so adorable!
    I saw a lady knitting on the train this morning and I was so excited about learning how to knit this weekend with you guys that I almost asked her if I could borrow her needles for the duration of the ride. Le sigh. We will have to go shopping to get me some new crafty toys 😉

  2. Oh yeah I almost forgot….


  3. I want to go craft shopping ASAP! I hope to go to S.C.R.A.P. sometime this weekend. Also, if you want to grow tomatos from seed, time to buy ’em. [according to

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