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Infusing Vodka

Head on over here to see how Britni and I get down on infusing our own vodka into 5 different flavors. You are allowed to drool over her photos , like below: (one of the only times a non-iPhone photo will make an appearance on this here blog)

Infusing vodka

I like that picture because it shows the chips/wine carnage (probably the most important ingredients, yes even more than the vodka itself). And because you can see my engagement ring on the right! Oh yeah, by the way blogworld, I got engaged. Like, 2 weeks ago. Haha.

xoxo, emma

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Crochet potholder

A nice old lady came into Morgan’s work giving away handmade crochet potholders.

crochet potholder

Her stitches are SO PERFECT.

xoxo, emma


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Kitchen wall update

Just a couple updates to my kitchen wall: a lovely apple pie chalkware piece and a 70s looking needlepoint I finished weeks ago. [Which so doesn’t fit in with my kitchen theme but I have no where else to put it. Looks more like it belongs in a man cave.]

kitchen wall update

Oh yeah, when I found that chalkware piece, I also found two of the cute little roosters [like the ones I found on Etsy earlier] on the same day, but they were like $7 each. What a ripoff!

xoxo, emma

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Crochet chair covers

I told you I was a granny square making machine, but I knew I needed to complete a shorter project in between the pieces of my large blanket WIP so I didn’t get bored. [Sometimes, too much time spent on a craft+nothing to show for it= losing interest]. So I decided to make some big granny squares as chair covers for our plain old boring IKEA kitchen chairs.

granny square chair cover

Simple enough! I have yet to weave in all the ends, and create little ties to actually attach the covers onto the chairs, but you can see what I’m getting at! And surprisingly, for just being one little layer of acrylic yarn, these actually do make the chairs much more comfy!

xoxo, emma

Oh yeah, I chose the colors to match my new little Goodwill table cloth, which I got simply because I loved the fabric, thinking I’d sew it into something else. When I realized it was the exact right size for our table, well… 😀


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Granny squares

Remember my first crochet project…the square? [Surely you do…it was like 3 weeks ago!] Well I took that whole “square” thing and ran with it.

granny squares

I am a granny square making machine. Using a bunch of my 75 cent yarn from Deseret Industries (my new favorite thrift store, sorry Value Village), I’m hoping to eventually complete an entire blanket. Its amazing how fast these little grannies whip up! I can make a few during each movie (or more likely, X-Files episode) that we watch. The colorway I’m envisioning is a mix of all different oranges with some pink/red/yellow hues thrown in for good measure. But what color should surround all the squares? I don’t want white or black, I’ve been thinking a dark smoky gray but not 100% set on that. Any suggestions?

Deseret Industries yarn

Pictured above are the yarn skeins I got for 75 cents each, they had tons more, but I felt guilty acquiring all that yarn at once [even at such a cheap price]…though now I wish I had bought them out!

xoxo, emma


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I’m easily amused. Like a squirrel, drawn to shiny things.


I dumped my huge bag of sequins out into a bowl and I’ve been sorting them and playing with them for at least an hour now. <sigh>

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I made my first crochet project. Guess what it is?

Morgan: “What are you making?”

Me: “Um, a square?”

crochet potholderSo…it’s a…potholder! Or dishrag? Or trivet? Whatever, I’m just super proud of myself for crocheting for the first time.

[Shoutout to Britni for patiently teaching me, as well as to a book from my mom literally called “I Taught Myself Crochet” haha]


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