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Christmas cross stitch

Besides some amazing pink and yellow [yes yellow, not gold!] balls [globes? orbs?], I needed some more ornaments for our tree.

Oh yes, and I know I said I wasn’t interested in those plain ball ornaments, but I found these amazing vintage sets at the bins @ 12 for 99 cents…and the colors are so great-even if it’s hard to tell in the above iPhone picture. My mom suggested I keep an eye out for more of them to make a wreath, especially looking for ones with slightly different shapes. The lady’s full of good ideas.

So here are some of the cross stitch ornaments I’ve made:

Noel Cross stitch

Santa cross stitch

Seasons Greetings cross stitch

xoxo, emma

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Christmas cookies

Every year my mom makes a ton of Christmas cookies and we all decorate them. My sister is visiting, so last night we decided to make the cookies ourselves and decorate them.

Christmas cookiesOn the top we have me and Morgan (wearing his keyboard cat shirt), and on the left is Ms. Frizzle (from the Magic School Bus). I’m already planning that to be my Halloween costume next year. Oh and on the right is a really messed up looking Santa…don’t know what happened there.

xoxo, emma

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Candy canes

Morgan wanted to help with the holiday decorating so I gave him a couple boxes of candy canes and left him to it. They look lovely on the tree but in the days since I am noticing them in the silliest of places.

candy cane hung on guitar

I love that he is excited for our first Portland Christmas too, though. [Actual text from him on November 10th: “I’m getting in the spirit! haha” ]

Side note: candy canes as decorations are amazing as always-ready hot chocolate stirrers.

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Christmas wreath DIY

I had never made a wreath before this year and there are probably way more specific instructions out there on how to make them…but this is how I cobbled together this cheerful little guy on my front door.

It’s so simple really! Bend a wire hanger (free from your closet or in my case my friend Rosie’s closet because I have a weird aversion to wire hangers and don’t keep any in my house…) into a circle. Bonus, it even comes with its own hanging apparatus if you don’t have a wreath hanger. Clip off branches of a tree (free from outside, or free from the ReBuilding Center in my case) into about 6 inch lengths. Fasten them around in a circle to your hanger using floral wire ($1.50 from Jo Ann’s and I have enough left to make approximately 47 more wreaths). Fill in wherever you see fit, it helps to hang your wreath on a door knob while you work so you can step back and assess your wreath situation. Add a bow (or pine cones or glittery poinsettias or ornaments…) with whatever ribbon you have laying around (or pick some up for $1 at Jo Ann’s like me). And there you have it, my $2.50 wreath-I had been shopping around for wreaths before I made this and planned to buy the $10 Trader Joe’s version, the cheapest I could find. But ha! DIY to the rescue (of my bank account) yet again.


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