Etsy finds: Chalkware

Oddly enough, I don’t really like typical girly clothing shopping. However I DO love looking at things on Etsy for a bazillion hours on end. Weird, I know. Anyway, one of my favorite things to look at is chalkware. Chalkware used to be used for all kinds of things, often little figurines that were given out as carnival prizes. There are all sorts, ranging from little flute-playing boys to very racist depictions of kids eating watermelon.  I prefer the kitschy 3D wall hanging types. The kitchen-centric ones seem to be mainly fruit and mushrooms with some chickens thrown in. They were apparently real popular to hang in your kitchen in the ’50s. I wouldn’t know. I wasn’t there. 😉

I want to collect them for my kitchen wall:

(from here)

(from here) There are a TON of these fruit ones online, so why can I never find any at the Bins?? Also, what kind of tree grows bananas AND a peach apple peachapple?

(from here)

(from here)

But the BEST ones have hooks on the bottom for your potholders:

(from here)

(from here)

This one is my absolute favorite, but it is sold! 😦

(from here)

But I know there are more out there for my anthropomorphic-lovin heart:

(from here)

Note to self: the cutest ones all seem to be made by “Miller Studio.”

Note to everyone else: some are WAY too creepy, even for me:

(from here)

xoxo, emma

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