I Have a Problem…

I have a serious problem with craft supplies.  They are coming out of my ears yet I keep getting more…sometimes I get craft supplies I don’t even know what to do with!  Take for instance, this bag of pom-poms I got at Goodwill.  It was a dollar, about the size of a sandwich, and I didn’t own any pom-poms so I picked it up.  Well it turned out to contain 4500 pom-poms, in 13 colors (and multi-colored)!!! Why on earth did I buy these?

pom poms

I think I’m going to take a thin needle and some clear beading thread and make them into an itsy-bitsy colorful garland.  The theme of my living room right now is pretty much “rainbow,” so it’ll fit right in.  Haha.  Come to think of it, thats the general decorating scheme in my craft room as well.  I just love multiple colors, they are so bright and inspiring.  Thats why I love Heidi Kenney (of My Paper Crane)‘s house.  So cute!

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