Kitschy Kitchen Embroidery

I’ve mentioned before how much I love getting silly kitchen embroidery pieces and one day hope to display them all above my kitchen table.  Recently I finished one that I just adore.

Kitschy embroidery

Of course Knitty Kitty helped me finish this one.

It says “Come into my kitchen and chat with me, while I prepare a pot of tea.”  So cute!  And I love the vibrant colors.  The matching one that I will work on next says “No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best.”  It features the same woman serving tea to her friend who is now seated at the kitchen table.

Finished embroidery

From what I gather, these kits were from the old magazine “Everywoman’s Family Circle,” which was published in the 1960s!  The fact that I got the full kit for both pieces (including the pattern, thread, and a color photo of the finished product snipped out of the magazine) for only $1 just blows my mind.  I love this little piece of crafty woman’s history and while I embroidered it, I thought about who the previous owner had been (she had done a few of the letters before giving up on the project for whatever reason).

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