“Color Swirls” Beaded Bracelet

On our recent trip visiting family, the BF and I stopped in at Newsbeat in Davis to pick out a magazine for the flight home.  I always lust after my friend Jamie’s beading magazines at her house (she works at a bead store and is the one who taught me circular peyote stitch and got me into seed beading in the first place).  Finally I got my own beading magazine!  They had a few choices so I perused and chose the one with the most tutorials that I actually wanted to try out.  I ended up picking out the June/July issue of Beadwork.

Beadwork Magazine June/July

My sister’s 19th birthday was coming up and I had NO idea what to give her.  My mom suggested making her a bracelet but I was sick of the one and only bracelet I knew how to make.  I decided to make my sister a new one from the magazine, specifically the “Color Swirls” bracelet (page 20).  It took me over 7 hours since I’m such a beading n00b but I’m really happy with the results!  I called my sister to ask her what colors she mostly wears.

The bracelet pattern was designed by Marcie Abney.  A quick look at her Etsy shop and I see she’s selling the bracelet for $40.  Someday, I will make crafting pay off for me!  Wouldn’t that just be a dream job?!

I especially like the beaded toggle clasp, it was my first time trying that.  It was hard- I actually restarted it about 10 times, but once I finally understood, it was a cinch.  I hope my sister likes it!

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One response to ““Color Swirls” Beaded Bracelet

  1. maddie

    I LOVED IT!!!!
    miss you sissy

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