Beaded Eyeglass Holder

My mom recently got a new pair of reading glasses and asked me to bead her a chain to hold them around her neck.  I cringed as I envisioned old ladies with mullets wearing neon eighties-style eyeglass holders, but I knew I could find a way to bead a chic version.  We headed to Michaels to pick out some beads.  She chose two kinds of sparkly glass beads and we finally found a pack of the eyeglass hardware that goes on the ends of the chains (only after searching for a good while and finally asking a sales associate for help).

On that note, I have a billion left over so if anyone wants me to make them an eyeglass chain, holler!  I did a quick internet search for beaded eyeglass chains and found that most of them go for upwards of $40-80!  That is ridiculous- I will make them for anyone who wants to buy the beads and maybe you can pay me with a beer! 😀

Eyeglass Holder close up

My mom wanted the chain to be about 32 inches long, so I cut a bit more than double that amount from some green Fireline and knotted the middle around one of the eyeglass hardwares.  I set to work stringing some seed beads and the two types of glass beads my Mom picked out.  When I strung the beveled green beads, I used one string through the glass bead and the other string through some white seed beads to add some interest.  Then, I’d string both strands through the rest of the beads.  I really like the way this little detail turned out.  It’s all in the details sometimes, people!  I just kept going until I used up all the glass beads.  Miraculously, it turned out almost exactly 32 inches right when I ran out of beads.  Here’s the finished product:

Eyeglass holder

Ta-da!  A quick and easy project.  I’m happy to be beading again, I got so sick of circular-peyote stitched bracelets (it was the only stitch I knew!) but I’m back in a beading phase now. Gotta love it!

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