Kitchen Table Vignette

A couple of weeks ago, the BF and I traveled back to San Francisco for our college graduation.  The actual ceremony was pretty long and anticlimactic, but it was wonderful to get to see both our families as well as our friends.  An added plus was receiving a bunch of cards with totally unexpected graduation moolah.  Yay!  We used the money to invest in a kitchen table (I use the word invest lightly, the table is just from Ikea.  But it is solid pine!)  A table was the only major thing missing in our quest to turn our house into a true home.

This isn’t a crafty project per say, but I thought I’d show the little table vignette atop our new table.

Kitchen table vignette

We have my favorite indoor plant, a miniature burro’s tail (a “burrito” if you will) on the left, accessorized with a creepy/kitschy owl that I picked up at the bins (AKA Goodwill).  The owl feels so weird in your hand, like a real dead bird because of the weight and size.  I am simultaneously grossed out and in love with it (“grossed out” isn’t exactly the best phrase to describe something you’d put on the table where you eat, huh? Ah well!).  I have another “burrito” on my coffee table, and I have two more similar owls on my craft supply shelves just waiting for the proper placement somewhere in the house.

Next to that is an aloe plant I picked up at Lowe’s to add some height to the vignette.  I usually prefer plants that have some use (edible, herb, medicinal) but I’ve yet to snap off a frond to soothe a sunburn.  That will probably happen after the inevitable trips to the river this summer though!

On the right is a picture frame (another graduation gift from my parents’ next-door neighbor).  I love the textured stamped design and the varied colors.  It holds a photo of me and the BF on a trip to Disneyland last year.

In the front is a glass half-pint creamer that was a gift from the BF on my last birthday.  He picked it up at MoMA and I just adore it!

That’s all!  I’ve read that the three items you need on a table vignette are flowers, books and candles.  Eh, I don’t really know anything about interior decorating so I just put up what looks good to me: useful greenery, personal tschotskes and photos with a story behind them, and arrange it all in various heights to form a filled-in triangle shape.

How do you decorate your tabletops?

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