Pinecone Bird Feeders-for Adults!

Bird FeederRemember those old-school bird feeders that you made in preschool?  They consisted of a pine cone, peanut butter and birdseed, with maybe some yarn ties around the top.  Recently, I wanted a birdfeeder to hang outside of my front window (to entertain the indoor cat–don’t judge me!).  I looked at nurseries and home improvement stores, but was surprised how expensive the available bird feeders were!  Also I needed a rather large/long birdfeeder since I would have to hang it from a tree branch higher than the top of the window.  Thus, the pinecone/peanut butter method came to mind.  I knew there had to be a way to use the same old technique but make it look fresh and modern.

Bird Feeder simple supplies On a recent walk around our neighborhood, I found 5 pinecones.  I tried to just find ones with open areas so the peanut butter would really stick in there.  I also found a huge stick and had my boyfriend break it over his knee so that it was around 2 1/2 feet long.  (When collecting pine cones it’s useful to have a bf that won’t mind carrying them home in his jacket pockets…even if he does find a colony of earwigs in his jacket after the fact…whoops!)

I used some cheap-o ribbon yarn and braided various lengths (with the idea that the braids would be stronger than a single piece of yarn, but feel free to ignore that step if you’re short on yarn).  Braid not-too-loose, not-too-tight.

Stella's new "toy" Slip the top of the pinecone in thru one end of your braid, and slip the other end over your stick (that’s where the not-too-tight braiding comes in handy).  Lastly, use a long braid over each end of the stick and your structure is complete!  My kitty thinks that this is a new toy for her to bat around.

All that’s left is to coat the pinecones in peanut butter and then bird seed!

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